In the Gym 5.30.15

workout, warmup, mostly back work today, pullups, t-bar rows.


if i can take a minute to gripe about saturdays in my victim (globo) gym.

1) There is of course the twit who sits on every bench or machine that you want while on his cellphone.  grrrr

2) there’s the guy who was really skinny last year, is now swole, and walks around like he’s the king of the jungle.


3) there’s the 2 big guys (credit due) who always wear belts when they are never seen near a rack or a floor-level barbell.

4) and finally…the guy who wears nike romaleos everywhere and everyday, mistakenly thinking that because they were in the “weightlifting” section of whatever site he purchased them from that they’re for all aspects of training.  Also mistakingly assuming that his 90’s bodybuilding style workouts are “weightlifting”.

done…for today.