I’m Starting at a Deficit

I’m starting at a deficit. I’ve been sick for almost 3 weeks, my work schedule has been altered significantly this week and I weigh more than I ever have; 207 lbs at last weigh-in. Normally I weigh in at around 200. It’s 11.9.15 and I have a Spartan Super on Mar 19th. 3 months-ish. I also have a Tough Mudder booked in Oct. A Badass Dash and a Battle Frog in between. There’s also a GoRuck I’m looking in to.

Time for some get-up and go.

The cold I’ve just gotten over rendedered me breathless when I climbed a set of stairs, so you can see the depth from which I begin my recovery. I also just turned 51, traditionally a time to start working on building a beer gut, not the time to bang out metabolic workouts.

I dropped by Crossfit PFC near my house and made some inquiries…might give it a try starting Jan 1. My last experience with Crossfit 702 a few years back was just pain and misery. I’m hoping that the second time around I’ll know what to expect and can get more benefit from it.

Going to run a mile or two tonight and see if I can last more than 30 minutes in the globo-gym tomorrow.

Wish me luck.
scott stanley


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