Try 100s on for size

Try 100s on for size (Not a Pilates exercise)

Once upon a time I was doing Crossfit at Crossfit 702. Owner/Coach Jared Glover had us do a WOD consisting of “For time: Run 1 mile, followed by 100 benchpress reps @ 135/95”. I remember him asking us during warmup, “What do you think will be the hardest part of this WOD?” We all waffled on the answer. We started, i ran the mile in 7:10 and began the benching. 20 reps, then 15, then 12, then 7, and so forth, sitting up and panting in between sets. Ultimaltely the WOD was completed in sets one 1 with big gulps of air taken in a slumped sitting position. I don’t remember my final tme, but what I do remember that it was the breathing was the hardest part of that WOD…Unequivocably. Also, the bemused look on Jared’s face at our pathetic answers earlier. Smug bastard.

Ditch the Hypertrophy set/reps scheme.
Whenever I’ve had a few days layoff from training and or I’m too sore, or bored I like to throw in some 100s. Sometimes with an aerobic component first such as burpees, or skipping, but many times just at a machine at 40% 1 RM. Seated cable shoulder presses, hack squats, cable rows…anything with a machine to help keep it safe (this is a fatiguing workout). Throw a few compound movements together to shock the muscles/tendons back to life after the time off. I like the tried and true push/pull combo plus a leg exercise. See yesterday’s post.
It also does wonders for sheer muscle hardness.