In the Gym 7.3.19

Hola,  I said I would report on my BP.

137/87  bpm 76, much better than 3 days ago.  My dosage of amlodipene doubled did the trick.  I’ll now be able to do HIIT workouts and shred some tummy goo.  Weighing in at 210 in the am.  No drinks for 9 days.  Nice.

chest press, benchpress, seated rows, wide grip pulldowns, bi’s/tri’s

In the Gym 5.15.16

2x push/pull, aka incline press, flat bench, seated cable row, wide grip pulldowns.

Happy to be in the globo-gym on a sunday…less douchey trainers.  You know, the idiots who wear ball-caps like they couldn’t pass a GED to save their lives, and they chew gum with their mouths open like they’re chewing on a barnyard animals foreskin.  you know ’em.